Celebrating the New Year on a Yacht

I looked into websites that could provide professional yacht crew recruitment a few months ago because I wanted to have a yacht party on New Year’s Eve. Usually I stay at home to ring in the new year, but I wanted to have some fun this time, and a party on a yacht was the best idea that I could think of at the time. Getting access to the yacht was easy, so all I had to do was find some people who would be able to work as a crew on the yacht for the party and everything would be fine.

I was able to find a website that provides professional crews for yachts at request. I mentioned the amount of people I needed to work on the yacht and what they would be doing and they were able to fulfill my request. I had sent invitations to the party out to my friends and family already, and everyone who wanted to come to the party replied back with a reservation, so I knew exactly how many people I would have to serve. I even purchased some special champagne to ring in the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, all of my guests showed up for the party. I wanted everyone to feel relaxed at the party and have fun, so I told them that it wouldn’t be a formal party. People seem to let loose and have more fun when they aren’t tied down by a formal setting. I had food for everyone, but I made sure to save the alcohol for the new year toast, because I didn’t want anyone to get too drunk and pass out before the countdown. We all counted down the seconds and I popped open the cork on a bottle of champagne as soon as midnight came.