Reasons to Read Paul McCarthy Cork – The Journal News

The passing of a great sportsman is always a sad event. Just imagine the fans who’re devastated, pained, and shattered because a great person that has created a great deal of impact in their lives is no longer in this world. I bet you can relate to this too. After all, we all have people we idolize. This list of athletes that died earlier than expected will break your heart:

However, the passing of a great man does not obliterate his existence on earth. For as long as people remember him, he will still forever live on in the hearts of his supporters. His life, his values, and his actions will forever be remembered by those who stood by him, believed in him. Anyway, today is all about commemorating the existence of such people – like Paul McCarthy from Cork.   

Who Is Paul McCarthy?

Paul McCarthy is a football player from Cork. He also used to play for Oxford United, one of the most notable teams of our time. Unfortunately, this gem of a player passed away at the young age of 45, leaving some of his fans devastated. However, he truly was a gem and nothing in the world can change that. Some of his colleagues back in the university even referred to him as a “diamond.” It’s not everyday that you come across a player like Paul McCarthy from Cork.  

Although now McCarthy is no longer with us in this world, there are still many things that he had left. Say, his passion for football that has inspired many young children to take up the sport. His devotion to his passions as well as his hard work is a few of the most important things this young prodigy has left his fans here on Earth. In fact, you can read about his life and accomplishments in many online tabloids like The Journal News. But of course, I don’t want to spoil you so you can go ahead and read it for yourself later on.

Why, though?

If you’re not from Cork or not a big fan of football, you might think that there is no merit for you to read articles about this late football athlete. However, I can think of a number of reasons off the top of my head that will show you that it’s a good idea. Here they are:

Reading About McCarthy Is A Way To Celebrate His Life

Although some things are certainly inevitable, we still cannot help but feel regret over someone losing his life at such a young age, even when the reason is natural causes. You can read more about the grief of sudden deaths here. By reading about McCarthy, you can celebrate his life’s worth, give it meaning and purpose. Every life is lived out differently. This is why everyone has a story to tell. These stories are proof that they have once walked this earth; it’s proof that they have touched hearts and lives at some point in time. Reading about McCarthy’s life as a person and as an athlete will definitely put a smile on his face up in heaven.

If you’re A Sportsman, You can learn A Lot of Values

If you’re an athlete yourself, there is a lot you can learn from the life of McCarthy. You’ll read not just about his life and accomplishments but about his values as well. You’ll get to read and understand his journey as an athlete and maybe pick up a thing or two about his own life’s challenges. The struggles of a sportsman are far from easy. There are bumps and holes all over the place. However, like all things, they can be overcome. If you need a little bit of inspiration, then maybe his story can give that to you.

Let His Legacy Live On

As I mentioned earlier, a person may pass but it does not mean that he is gone. In the hearts and minds of people who remember him, he lives on. Knowing about the life of this great athlete may help you pass his story forward. A talented player such as himself surely has a thing or two to teach the succeeding generations.