David Mcalvany’s Guide on the Importance of Gold as Safe Haven

Generally, the crisis is something that happens from time to time due to numerous external factors that are challenging to control. That is the main reason why some investors and regular people that do not spend money on FOREX seek the haven in gold until the crisis finished.

People are becoming more and more afraid due to numerous breakthroughs and changes that affected us in the new millennia.

Therefore, if you wish to protect your past investments and handle your future in general, you can protect it by investing in gold instead of waiting for a potential market crash that could happen.

That is the main reason why you should read this transcript so that you can understand the importance of gold investments in general.

The standard-issue the entire world faces currently is the coronavirus outbreak. Pandemic turned into a global crisis that stopped the economy for months. Since the times are uncertain and problematic, we do not know what will happen with the housing market and other industries.

During times of uncertainty, gold becomes the perfect alternative to other volatile markets and investments. At the same time, experts can even predict the future of financial health by analyzing the value of this particular precious metal.

Compared with other investments that could bring you a more significant amount of money than invested, gold is sheltered against unpredictable volatilities.

It Stores the Overall Value

You probably know that people used gold as currency throughout the ages. Since its physical properties remained the same, it can gain the trust of consumers much faster than other commodities.

At the same time, its production is limited to a particular amount, which means that the demand will always surpass the overall supply. Therefore, it is rare enough to enter the point of most valuable commodities that are highly durable and safe for use.

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When it comes to its value, it tends to move in the opposite direction than the dollar. Since the coronavirus crisis is something that still happens, the predictions are that we will enter the new Great Depression, which will affect the worldwide economies.

Gold is also a great solution if you wish to protect your investments against inflation, especially since the cost of services and goods tend to go up and affect the value of the dollar.

Since central banks started to print money as a way to cure and stimulate economies, the predictions state that we will reach the high inflation stadium.

Even though prominent billionaires and investors state that investing in gold is not something that can lead to a high return on investment, historically speaking, the value of it also entered the volatile stadiums, which can lead to dramatic outcomes.

How to Invest?

Up until now, you probably understood the importance of investing in gold, but the question is which investment product you are going to choose. Generally, you can purchase physical commodities in the form of bars, coins, and jewelry.

The idea is to store it properly so that you can trade it in the future, but you need to pay the premium, which will be higher than market value compared with other investment possibilities you can choose.

That is why people choose to buy shares of gold mining companies, but that is not as safe as having a physical commodity in general.

However, it is safe to play when it comes to these particular investments because if the value increases, the profits of the mining company will increase as a result.

The problem lies in the idea that the entire worldwide corporate sector is under stress, and you are taking the same risk as investing in something else.

Check out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Invest-in-Gold to learn the initial steps you should make.

Finally, you can choose ETC or exchange-traded commodities as the alternative to owning physical gold and paying hefty premiums for everything.

You should know that these investments function like trading shares on an exchange, which means that you can do it in real-time.

If you wish to improve the overall success and get your portfolio to the next level, we recommend you to create a diversified solution for protecting your funds. That way, you will not rely on a single thing, but be able to transfer funds as things change.