A Labour Bag is the Perfect Gift

When my sister told me she was pregnant, I was so excited. I knew that I would never have kids, but I was sure looking forward to having a little niece or nephew to spoil. She was scared right from the start because she did not know the first thing about kids. I didn’t either, but I assured her we would learn things together. She and her husband got the nursery ready, had names picked out, and had the car seat bought, and I took care of the labour bag essentials as my gift to her.

She was very thankful for that because she told me she would not have even thought of packing something special for the hospital when she gave birth. She just figured she would need a change of clothes, and the hospital would provide everything else. It is not like I was a wealth of knowledge about this beforehand myself. I had looked online at different things that my sister would need to prepare herself for, and having a hospital bag is one thing that a lot of the new moms recommended because they had not thought of packing one either.

When they realized the hospital does not provide nearly everything they would need, they regretted not looking online for tips of their own. I was so glad that there are women out there who help new moms to be, because their mistake in not having a hospital bag meant that they were truly the experts in telling others who had not gone into labor yet about the need for a labor bag. I found a company online that provides different types of bags, and I told my sister I was getting her the mom and baby bag as a gift. It truly made her stay in the hospital much easier!